Proudly Serving NYC for Over 20 Years

Through exceptional customer service and care, Platinum has been able to maintain relationships with some of the most prestigious companies in the world. We take pride in our reputation and want to thank our clients for their ongoing support over many years.

We are proud to provide first class restoration and maintenance services to over 200 leading companies and institutions, including *Pick 5 companies*


Nearing the completion of a six-year renovation of the historic Thurgood Marshall U.S. Courthouse at 40 Foley Square, Platinum was engaged to restore the white, Tennessee and green marble floors.

Over a six-month period, Platinum’s workers stripped off years of built up floor finish, cleaned and machine honed all the marble hallways and elevator lobbies throughout the building (30 floors) to bring the floors back to its former grandeur.

Project Details: Marble Restoration


320 Park Avenue was originally designed by Emery Roth & Sons in 1960 and is now the headquarters to one of largest mutual life insurance companies.

In 1995, a Swanke Hayden Connell-led redesign expanded the 35-story tower’s square footage to 730,000 square feet. Over ten years ago, Platinum craftsmen restored the marble finishes throughout the main floor building lobby and continue to maintain the lobby floors on a nightly basis with a permanently assigned staff.

Project Details: Marble Restoration


Platinum has been contracted on a periodic basis to restore all the architectural brass elements in the building. Platinum workers stripped the existing coatings and refinished the metal to a natural finish. Platinum also lacquered the entrance doors and frames to the building along with the metal in the passenger elevators.

Platinum used their environmentally safe low odor lacquer “Procoat” during the last refinishing cycle. The Resident Manager reported there were no complaints about the odor from the residents in the building.

Project Details: Metal Restoration


As part of an initiative to maintain its Class A image, Platinum was contacted to help improve the appearance of the Lever House.

Platinum provided several restoration samples and as a result of those samples was contracted to restore the metal on the exterior of the building. By utilizing the building’s window cleaning scaffold, Platinum workers removed all the dirt and staining caused by environmental pollutants on all of the exterior stainless steel window frames on the three elevations of the building. A sealer was applied to protect and enhance the appearance of the metal. All workers were trained on the operation of the window cleaning scaffold system prior to the commencement of the work.

Project Details: Facade Restoration


Platinum was awarded the contract for full exterior façade restoration at 17 State Street. Platinum technicians were tasked with cleaning and removing the existing sealer from the aluminum curtain wall panels, cross braces and other miscellaneous metal panels on the building and re-sealing all the elements. In addition, their metal refinishers will be sanding, priming and painting all perimeter columns, ceiling soffit panels, plaza planter and wall panels surrounding the loading dock, painting with a New York City / New York State VOC compliant paint.

Project Details: Facade Restoration & Painting


As part of a major redevelopment project, Platinum undertook the refinishing of the curtain wall spandrel panels on all elevations of the building.

Platinum’s metal workers installed hanging scaffolding, cleaned, primed and painted the panels to match the color of the newly installed façade cladding. The project was New York City’s first office tower to achieve LEED Silver certification for Existing Buildings.

Project Details: Facade Painting


Platinum was contracted to clean the second floor limestone transom band and vertical columns on the north, south and east elevations of the building.

Platinum workers chemically cleaned the stone surfaces using a limestone restoration product, then controlled pressure washed and rinsed the areas. In addition, all the glass panels were also cleaned immediately following the stone cleaning.

Project Details: Facade Cleaning


Platinum performed Local Law Facade repairs on four elevations of the building. As part of this project, Platinum cleaned the facade, replaced bricks, patched and replaced limestone, pointed stone jings, repaired cracks, anchored stones, repaired window jambs and caulked window frames.

Project Details: Local Law Façade Repair


Platinum was contracted to refinish the maple floors throughout their 16th floor Rotunda.

The project was scheduled to be completed over a single weekend. Platinum workers installed a full dust barrier protector throughout the entire area, draped plastic sheathing, protected walls and ceiling duct vents. The floors were sanded smooth avoiding any depressions or overlapping lines. The surface was cleaned and sealed. Two coats of a water based semi-gloss polyurethane were applied at separate intervals. All protection was removed and the immediate area adjacent to the work area was vacuumed prior to the Monday morning opening.

Project Details: Wood Floor Refinishing


Platinum was awarded the challenging contract to furnish and install 5,500 square feet of 3/8” epoxy terrazzo and a flexible membrane for crack resistance, over the existing marble floor in the main lobby.

Platinum’s craftsmen used aluminum spacing strips for the design layout and installed 300 feet of stainless steel base with welded corners and cutouts for outlets. A sample was performed to test the integrity of the substrate and control samples were submitted for approval. The work was performed over three phases. Hepafilters and customized barricades were used to minimize dust and create a clean working environment.

Project Details: Terrazzo Installation


The University of Pennsylvania is one of the finest and oldest medical schools in the United States. Platinum recently installed over 65,000 square feet of a troweled resinous floor and wall system, manufactured by Dex-O-Tex, throughout the New Penn Medicine Transitional Research Center.

Designed by famed architect Rafael Vinoly, this research facilities construction required an aggressive schedule, while achieving precision with specific details, often required in the demanding world of research facilities.

Platinum was chosen as a result of their teams performance on previous projects throughout the Penn Med facility.

Project Details: Trowled Resinous Floors & Walls


Platinum was engaged to install General Polymers Fastop, a new urethane concrete mortar system, on the loading dock floor. The flooring system is seamless, durable, moisture and slip resistant. It is easy to maintain and can withstand the abuse of trucks and roll off dumpsters. This is a low odor, water based, VOC compliant product. Platinum’s workers completed the project during off hours over the course of one weekend with minimum disruption to the building’s operations.

Project Details: Loading Dock Floor Refinishing