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Whether its marble, terrazzo, limestone or granite, stone is used in many high traffic areas throughout a property, including lobby floors, sidewalks, plazas, passenger elevator lobbies and on walls and facades. Stone requires maintenance to preserve its integrity and finish.


Maintenance and Cleaning
Cleaning to remove surface debris, embedded stains or graffiti with detergents or chemicals restores the appearance of stone surfaces.

Honing and Polishing
Honing with the use of sand screens or diamond pads removes scratches and prepares the surface for polishing through stone-glo or crystallization methods.

Various products and methods can be used to fill and blend in with existing material to repair surfaces containing chips, cracks or missing areas.

High Pressure Cleaning of Facades or Sidewalks
High pressure applied with hot or cold water (up to 4,000 PSI) removes surface debris and stains in combination with detergents or chemicals.

Scaling and Impregnating
Scaling and impregnating applications protect stone from vandalism, stains and improve its strength and color.