Proudly Serving NYC for Over 20 Years

One of the most intriguing characteristics of wood to Platinum is its sheer versatility. Another lesser-known benefit of wood construction material is its advantageous thermal properties. Wood can tolerate a wide range of temperature fluctuations without warping, contracting, or expanding significantly. Platinum is very well versed in all things wood. When working with wood, cutting corners, will not deem transcendent results. Platinum is well aware of that fact.


Wood Repair/Restore

Thoroughly strip to remove existing coating, repair scratches and gouges with wood filler, stain to match existing color, and apply clear coat lacquer.

Wood Polish

Thoroughly clean to remove existing polish and wax coating and hand polish with wood preservative to ensure a uniform luster.

Wood Floor-Clear

Machine-sand bi-directional, apply one coat of sealer and two coats of clear (semi-gloss/gloss/satin), then finish with polyurethane.

Wood Floor Stain

Machine-sand bi-directional, re-stain to match existing finish, and apply two coats of clear (semi-gloss/gloss/satin).

Wood Touch-up

Thoroughly clean, remove scratches and blemishes, refinish to match existing tone, grain, and sheen of the wood panels.