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Platinum specializes in all types of facade restoration and curtain wall projects including cleaning, power washing, brick pointing, stone repair, caulking, exterior painting, and historic preservation.

The façade is one of the building’s most important exterior elements. It not only sets an unspoken expectation, but also defines the feel of the overall structure. Platinum is the premier company selected by all major owners and landlords to maintain their facades for their commercial, residential and historical building assets. We know the significance of maintaining a building’s exterior from the deteriorating effects of moisture, pollutants, and other inferior materials. Platinum partners with GC’s, architects, engineers, building owners and property managers to ensure that the project is done right and within budget. A thorough evaluation will be made to address and recommend any immediate repairs. Then, Platinum’s project team will work with you in all phases of the façade restoration project from preliminary investigations and surveys, sample mock-ups, and submittals, to final inspections. After the restoration, a complete maintenance and operations program will be developed to extend the life cycle of the work.


Local Law 11 of 1998, also known as the Façade Inspection Safety Program (FISP), mandates the periodic inspection of the exterior walls and appurtenances of NYC buildings, greater than six stories in height, every five years. Local law 11 is designed to ensure pedestrian safety by preventing bricks, concrete, and other façade elements from falling. Platinum recognizes the importance of safety both on site, and once the job is completed.

To ensure safety while on site, all Platinum field personnel carry every required certification enforced by OSHA and the New York City Department of Buildings. Including: OSHA 30, NYC DOB SST Supervisor, NYC DOB SST Worker, 16 Hr. Suspended Scaffold User, 32 Hr. Suspended Scaffold Supervisor, 4 Hr. Supported Scaffold User, Special Rigger.



A thorough cleaning of the building’s façade not only enhances the overall look and appeal, but it also removes damaging pollutants, stains and leaks which can accelerate the facade’s deterioration and later cost significant amounts to repair. Platinum’s technicians clean metal and stone surfaces by hand scrubbing or power washing using either water or biodegradable cleaners.


Platinum’s technicians carefully and meticulously rake out loose, cracked caulk, then re-caulks and seals all seams and open joints with our top-of-the-line products. When applied at a professional level, our caulk can blend in with the surrounding area seamlessly.


Platinum selects and works with quality paint, best suited for the facade’s longevity and ensures that the best tools and materials are used to produce both precision and perfection. Platinum’s experts prepare the surface by masking, sanding to remove loose or flaking paint, priming and painting with techniques such as electrostatic painting, hand rolling/brushing and intumescent paint application


Platinum provides repair services and troubleshoots faulty construction design or workmanship. Our repair work includes brick pointing, masonry repair and replacement, troubleshooting and solving water intrusion, damaged building surfaces and providing exterior waterproofing maintenance problems.



Platinum has the expertise of restoring historic landmark buildings and working with the New York City Landmarks Preservation Committee. Our experience in historic restoration is essential for dealing with the sensitivity and complexities that arise when restoring aesthetics and architectural qualities of Landmark buildings. We work closely with the Landmarks committee to make sure we only use approved products and procedures for building capital improvement projects. We also perform a preliminary inspection and a full building survey and evaluation. Platinum knows the proper cleaning methods and agents to use that are strong enough to remove dirt and grime, while safe enough to protect and preserve the delicate historical elements of the building.

Notable Historical Landmarks Include: New York Public Library (Stavros Nicharos Foundation Branch), Seagram Building (375 Park), Equitable Building (120 Broadway), Woolworth Building (233 Broadway), Andrew Carnegie Mansion, Waldorf Astoria New York.