Entrances, facades, elevators, window frames and signage often contain stainless steel, bronze, aluminum and decorative metal. These materials require attention to ensure that the aesthetic appearance retains its original luster.


Maintenance & Cleaning
A contracted or one-time cleaning and conditioning can be initiated. This process preserves the integrity of the metal and assists in protecting and maintaining its beauty.

Stripping and re-graining restores the metal, and a spray application of industrial lacquers, polyurethanes or enamel protects metal surfaces and the underlying layers to bring back the proper luster.

Not to be confused with natural oxidization, this is a chemically induced process that is applied to darken the metal and then highlighting to various degrees of colors ranging from black, dark, medium to light statuary. A coating is then applied to protect the metal.

Vandalism or Scratch Removal
Hand or Machine removal of vandalism or scratches and metal re-graining restores luster and creates an untarnished surface.

Fabrication and Installation
Metal fabrication and installation to match adjacent areas ensures a consistent finish throughout a property.

Metal Polishers Union- Local 8A-28A
Painters Union District Council 9


Whether its marble, terrazzo, limestone or granite, stone is used in many high traffic areas throughout a property, including lobby floors, sidewalks, plazas, passenger elevator lobbies and on walls and facades. Stone requires maintenance to preserve its integrity and finish.


Maintenance and Cleaning
Cleaning to remove surface debris, embedded stains or graffiti with detergents or chemicals restores the appearance of stone surfaces.

Honing and Polishing
Honing with the use of sand screens or diamond pads removes scratches and prepares the surface for polishing through stone-glo or crystallization methods.

Various products and methods can be used to fill and blend in with existing material to repair surfaces containing chips, cracks or missing areas.

High Pressure Cleaning of Facades or Sidewalks
High pressure applied with hot or cold water (up to 4,000 PSI) removes surface debris and stains in combination with detergents or chemicals.

Scaling and Impregnating
Scaling and impregnating applications protect stone from vandalism, stains and improve its strength and color.

Tile, Marble and Terrazzo Union – Local 7
Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union – Local 1


Wood is usually chosen for its warm feeling and ability to be easily shaped. From cherry to bamboo to synthetic laminates, this attractive material requires regular conditioning and maintenance.

One of the most intriguing characteristics of wood to Platinum is its sheer versatility. Another lesser-known benefit of wood construction material is its advantageous thermal properties. Wood can tolerate a wide range of temperature fluctuations without warping, contracting, or expanding significantly. Platinum is very well versed in all things wood. When working with wood, cutting corners, will not deem transcendent results. Platinum is well aware of that fact.


Wood Repair/Restore

Thoroughly strip to remove existing coating, repair scratches and gouges with wood filler, stain to match existing color, and apply clear coat lacquer.

Wood Polish

Thoroughly clean to remove existing polish and wax coating and hand polish with wood preservative to ensure a uniform luster.

Wood Floor-Clear

Machine-sand bi-directional, apply one coat of sealer and two coats of clear (semi-gloss/gloss/satin), then finish with polyurethane.

Wood Floor Stain

Machine-sand bi-directional, re-stain to match existing finish, and apply two coats of clear (semi-gloss/gloss/satin).

Wood Touch-up

Thoroughly clean, remove scratches and blemishes, refinish to match existing tone, grain, and sheen of the wood panels.


Platinum brings the elegance and beauty of terrazzo and resinous flooring to clients throughout the Tri-State area. With infinite design possibilities, our experienced craftsmen work with designers, architects, builders, and owners to provide quality (award-winning) flooring for interior and exterior use.


Platinum specializes in all types of facade restoration and curtain wall projects including cleaning, power washing, brick pointing, stone repair, caulking, exterior painting, and historic preservation.